Visions from Latin America: Critically navigating uncertain futures (Part one)

Evening lecture/ 26 November 2020

Malex Salamanques

Malex is a British - Venezuelan designer & strategist centering her practice at the intersection of semiotics & cultural insight, design and speculative futures.

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Gemma Jones

Interdisciplinary cultural researcher and strategist specialising in semiotics and futures thinking

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December 8, 2020

Evening lecture/ 26 November 2020

Join us for a cross-cultural dialogue with practitioners and thinkers working in Latin America and the Latin American Diaspora. They will share insights about design methods and applications, systems and cultural patterns that could help all of us think differently about how we navigate complexity and uncertainty.

This huge region of great bio and cultural diversity is exported globally through many tropes and fantasies and is often described as ‘developing’ or ‘emerging'. In this session we will challenge this loaded idea and explore how, in what ways and what are the possible emergences or developments that are uniquely shaping Latin America's futures.

The conversation will be led by School of Critical Design Fellow Malex Salamanques who is the founder of Mundano Futuro, a Colombia and UK based design and futures agency. Mundano have created Colombian brands and services from supermarkets to healthcare provision; designs that impact and reflect daily life in rural and urban Colombia.

Our speakers include:
IgnacioTovar Fernandez - Centro de Futuros - TEC Monterrey - Toluca
Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa - “Real Magicalism”- Estación Terrena - Bogotá / Design department SAVVY - Berlin
Jose de La O - “Takes Technological Aesthetics in Mexico” - De La O Estudio - CDM
Jorge Camacho - "Do ‘Futures’ Create Futures?” Diagonal Studio - Diagonal Estudio - CDM
Malex Salamanques - Mundano Bogota/ UK

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