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Applied Speculative Design

We are an experimental design school dedicated to the application of emerging methods to innovation, design and strategy.
Our professional and academic courses offer new ways for individuals and organisations to meet the critical challenges facing our planet, people and businesses now, and the for next 1000 years.

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New ways into complexity

We explore and help you apply new kinds of thinking and approach to create meaningful impact in the world.

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Anthropocene or Capitalocene? : Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism
The Earth has reached a tipping point. Runaway climate change, the sixth great extinction of planetary life, the acidification of the oceans - all point toward an era of unprecedented turbulence in humanity's relationship within the web of life. But just what is that relationship, and how do we make sense of this extraordinary transition?
June 14, 2021
Circa Lunar: A conversation with Ted Hunt and Gemma Jones
School of Critical Design Co-founder and cultural semiotician Gemma Jones sat down for a long-distance chat with Fellow Ted Hunt to talk about his latest project, Circa Lunar
November 27, 2020