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Applied Speculative Design

We are an experimental design school dedicated to the application of emerging methods to innovation, design and strategy.
Our professional and academic courses offer new ways for individuals and organisations to meet the critical challenges facing our planet, people and businesses now, and the for next 1000 years.

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Speculative Design Introduction
May 18, 19, 20 _ 2022

£ 1,000 GBP

3 live virtual sessions, 2.5 hrs each

Speculative Design Masterclass
Sept 6, 7, 8th _ 2021

£ 1,000 GBP

3 live virtual sessions, 2.5 hrs

Design Meditation
September 28 _ October 5, 12, 18 - 2021

£ 2,500 GBP

4 live virutal sessions


New ways into complexity

We explore and help you apply new kinds of thinking and approach to create meaningful impact in the world.

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Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos
‘Deep adaptation’ refers to the personal and collective changes that might help us to prepare for – and live with – a climate-influenced breakdown or collapse of our societies. It is a framework for responding to the terrifying realization of increasing disruption by committing ourselves to reducing suffering while saving more of society and the natural world.
August 25, 2021
Darwin Comes to Town: How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution
Menno Schilthuizen is one of a growing number of urban ecologists studying how our manmade environments are accelerating and changing the evolution of the animals and plants around us. In Darwin Comes to Town, he takes us around the world for an up-close look at just how stunningly flexible and swift-moving natural selection can be.
June 14, 2021
Anthropocene or Capitalocene? : Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism
The Earth has reached a tipping point. Runaway climate change, the sixth great extinction of planetary life, the acidification of the oceans - all point toward an era of unprecedented turbulence in humanity's relationship within the web of life. But just what is that relationship, and how do we make sense of this extraordinary transition?
June 14, 2021