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Speculative Design Introduction

3 live virtual sessions, 3 hrs each
September 16, 17, 18 _ 2024
An introduction to understanding speculative design and creating organisational impact
£ 1,000 
£ 1,000 

In this course you learn about the basics of using Speculative Design within business and organisational contexts to create meaningful impact. You'll get up to speed on new thinking, methods, and techniques related to futures practice. We focus on practical applications of the approach, and prepare individuals to apply what they have learned to their own practice or organizational settings. This course is perfect for researchers, strategists, designers, product leads, and business leaders. You'll leave with a good understanding of what speculative design is and how it can be applied in your work as well as a toolkit of frameworks and approaches.

3 live virtual sessions, 3 hrs each
September 16, 17, 18 _ 2024
11:00-14:00 BST

★★★★★ (4.88 / 5 Stars) (32)
100% of our past participates would recommend this course to others. (Seriously, it's true!)

You will leave with:

- A new approach to product and service development & innovation

- An empathetic approach to systems thinking

- Frameworks for connecting  long term considerations and near term action

- Freshly ignited creativity and energy for change

- An approach to shaping organizational change, strategy and purpose

- Opportunities for networking around deep purpose with other alumni

This course is for:

- Designers, Strategists, or Researchers, or anyone interested in using speculative design in their work

- Anyone interested in learning about the basics of speculative design

- Anyone interested in learning about the commercial applications of speculative design

Your Teachers:

J. Paul Neeley - Designer & Researcher

Ted Hunt - Speculative Designer

Gemma Jones - Cultural Strategist

Accessible Pricing:

We are finding ways to make School of Critical Design a more inclusive and representative forum as we address the critical challenges facing our planet, people, and organisations.

We understand that income and means is unequal across personal, regional, and global contexts. To accommodate these differences we ask you to self-select from the following price bands.

Please consider which price band you can afford without financial anxiety.  Higher price bands are enabling those with less financial security to participate.

If your organisation is funding your training please opt for the top band. If you organisation is non-profit/ academic and funding your place we suggest you opt for the second or third band. If you are in an early stage or your career or a student and you are self funding please choose the third band.


B: £900 - use code XCLASSB

C: £500 - use code XCLASSC

D: If this is still tricky, you may also consider our taking our Speculative Design Basics course - £250 - Same material, but online & self administered.

Which Speculative Design course should I take?

Many people are curious if they should take the Speculative Design Basics, Speculative Design Introduction, or Speculative Design Masterclass.

Our Basics course covers the same material as the Introduction, but is run as an online self administered program, allowing participants to complete it anytime at their own pace. This is also helpful for individuals living and working in timezones not supported by the Speculative Design Introduction course, which is a live and interactive version of this material hosted by our instructors, or for those that prefer self-learning to a live group setting.

The Speculative Design Masterclass is for individuals with some background understanding of or experience with Speculative Design. They may have read about or studied Speculative Design, they have familiarity with the basic methods, they may know example projects and practitioners, or they may have even done Speculative Design projects. The familiarity with the approach allows us to have a more in-depth discussions about the methods, tactics, and meaning. Participants can make their own determinations on comfort with masterclass. We suggest taking the Speculative Design Basics or Introduction course as a prerequisite, to get up to speed on the SoCD language and basic approaches before taking the Masterclass.

For Companies:

For more information on multiple spots on a program or to discuss a bespoke version of this course for your team please contact hello@critical.design for details.

We are also happy to invoice your company for spots on the course if that is easier. Contact hello@critical.design for details.


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