Semiotics of Disaster

Evening Lecture/ 28 April 2020

Gemma Jones

Interdisciplinary cultural researcher and strategist specialising in semiotics and futures thinking

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December 17, 2020

At the start of 2020, disaster of a certain type loomed large in our collective consciousness - catastrophic events created by an evolving environmental crisis seemed suddenly to be terrifyingly close to home. This disaster narrative still looms large, but the Covid-19 curve-ball thickens the plot in a critical way, very few understood or anticipated just a few months ago.

School of Critical Design co-founder Gemma Jones will look at the concept of disaster with a semiotic and cultural lens and open up a discussion about how adapting to a disaster era could play out in ways that can enrich our human experience.

Gemma Jones is a researcher and strategist bringing deep contextual understanding and sensitive interpretation of meaning to her work with designers, place-makers and communicators. She specialises in cross-cultural insights, semiotics and design research methodologies. Gemma is driven by creating meaningful connections between people and their bodies, homes, communities and planet. She creates strategies for the future that are resilient, kind and brave.

Come explore and join in a conversation!

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