Reimagining Time

Evening Lecture/ 17 September 2019

Gemma Jones

Interdisciplinary cultural researcher and strategist specialising in semiotics and futures thinking

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Ted Hunt

Ted Hunt is an independent speculative/discursive/critical designer living and working in London and currently a resident of Somerset House Studios.

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December 8, 2020

After centuries of an almost total stasis in time-telling there is an opportunity for new designs of time that reconnect us to the 'nature of time' found within our enduring relationship to the Sun. Our current frames of time have critical impacts on life, work & labor, business & markets, politics, and health & wellbeing, etc.

On the evening we'll get a chance to see "Circa Solar" from Ted Hunt, a project exploring this critical relationship with time, and the profound transformations in store for us as we re-imagine this frame. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Ted is a speculative and critical designer living and working in London and currently a resident of Somerset House Studios. Ted will share his research and explorations around time, the details of this project, and we will engage in an exercise together and conversation of what is next for time.

Come explore and join in a conversation on the social, cultural, political, technological, biological, and environmental implications of our time systems.

Learn a bit more about "Circa Solar" at (Successfully funded on Kickstarter!)

New friends + Nibbles + Talk + Q&A

Special thanks to our friends at Futurice for hosting.

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