Futures, Power & Privilege

Evening lecture/ 6 August 2020

Gemma Jones

Interdisciplinary cultural researcher and strategist specialising in semiotics and futures thinking

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December 17, 2020

Evening lecture/ 6 August 2020

Humanitarian futures and strategic foresight specialist Aarathi Krishnan will be asking, what does it mean to be human in this century? Aarathi's work highlights how the imaginings of the few, should not colonise the re-imaginings of the many. She'll challenge us to think about how we implicitly design justice and equity in how we reimagine.

Aarathi has worked in humanitarian and development aid globally for over 15 years and now focuses her work on reimagining futures for the humanitarian system and social change. She works at the intersection of humanitarian futures, strategic foresight, and systems transformation.

She supports a range of international humanitarian organisations on how to embed foresight and strategy to drive institutional and systems transformation, including the UN Resident Coordinators, UNV, World Bank, UNHCR, MSF and ICRC .

A 2020-21 Technology and Human Rights Fellow at the Harvard Carr Centre for Technology and Human Rights, she also works on research initiatives with a range of partners, including the World Economic Forum, on inclusive technologies, AI and Civil Society Futures.

She is specifically interested in issues of planetary health, inclusive and equitable technology futures, new forms of growth and power, with a lens on decolonised and feminist futures. She writes and speaks publicly and can be found on Twitter at @akrishnan23 https://twitter.com/akrishnan23

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