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Design Meditation

10 live virutal sessions, 2.5 hrs each
June / July _ 2022
A virtual meditation to help you reimagine your practice and purpose
£ 2,500 GBP
£ 2,500 GBP

A virtual retreat for design, business, product, research, and strategy practitioners to access a reinvigorated and mindful approach to their practice. This is a time to connect deeply with others from different disciplines and backgrounds and to create space to meditate on our personal experience and future ways. The retreat will take place across 10 weeks with 2.5 hour group meditations and a 45 minute one-to-one reflection conversation. There will be personal exercises each week between meditations. During the course the group will participate in: discussions about emergent and experimental approaches with expert guest practitioners (guests TBC); personal exercises; a guided meditation and reflection on how these types of mindful disciplines can guide our practice and sense of purpose. As much as possible we’ll untether from ordinary work concerns and create conversations around what is next and new. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your own practice, new design and research approaches and toolkits, and new partnerships and friendships.

10 live virutal sessions, 2.5 hrs each
June / July _ 2022
11 - 13:30 GMT (London)

★★★★★ Rating
100% of our past participates would recommend this course to others.
(We know that sounds fake, but we aren't kidding)

What our past participants have said...

"Where kindness and radical thinking meet."

"Meditation is an entirely accurate term - Gemma and J. Paul managed to digitally facilitate collective sensemaking, exploration and wonder. Each topic was unique but added to the depth, resulting in a harmonious whole. Really lovely stuff with a great group of people/thinkers/designers."

"An amazing space to ponder more meta ideas about design in a non-pretentious way!"

You will leave with:

- A new personal practices and approaches

- An empathetic approach to your personal position within global systems

- Frameworks for connecting long term considerations and near term action

- Freshly ignited creativity and energy for change

- An approach to understanding personal purpose

- Opportunities for networking around deep purpose with other alumni

This course is for:

- Designers, Strategists, Researchers, or anyone interested in reimagining their personal practice and work for the future

- Anyone interested in learning about the applications new methods (speculative design, semiotics, meditation, etc.) in their personal work

- Anyone interested in reinventing the way they see the world, and their personal purpose within it

Your Teachers:

J. Paul Neeley - Designer & Researcher

Ted Hunt - Speculative Designer

Gemma Jones - Cultural Strategist

Grace Turtle - Critical Artist & Researcher

Accessible Pricing:

We are finding ways to make School of Critical Design a more inclusive and representative forum as we face the critical challenges facing our planet, people and organisations.

We understand that income and means is unequal across personal, regional and global contexts. To accommodate these differences we ask you to self-select from the following price bands:

Please consider which price band you can afford without financial anxiety.  Higher price bands are enabling those with less financial security to participate .

If your organisation is funding your training please opt for the top band. If you organisation is non-profit/ academic and funding your place we suggest you opt for the second or third band. If you are in an early stage or your career or a student and you are self funding please choose the last band.


B: £1800 - use code MEDB

C: £1000 - use code MEDC

For Companies:

For more information on multiple spots on a program or to discuss a bespoke version of this course for your team or organization please contact hello@critical.design for details.

We are also happy to invoice your company for spots on the course if that is easier. Contact hello@critical.design for details.


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